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Save the Date Polaroid Series

Save the Date Polaroid Series

jigg and I originally planned to send out our save the date cards using a series of Polaroids as the basis for our design.  Our guests would receive one of the five Polaroids below, each representing something from me and jigg’s relationship. We thought this would be an unique approach to traditional save the dates […]


As Karen gets ready to move here and probably spend the rest of her life with me, I can’t help but wonder about the insane sacrifice she is making. She is giving up her New England life to be with me, possibly spending the rest of her life in some suburb type neighborhood in Brooklyn. […]

Hating on Boston

When I first started dating Karen, I told a really close friend of mine that I was dating a girl from Boston. Her reaction? “Shut up! You’re dating someone from Boston? I thought you hate everything Boston?”