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Macaroons from Laduree. I think there was like two dozen in this box..I ended up eating macaroons for a week! #firstworldproblems

My birthday

To celebrate my birthday, jigg wanted to replicate our honeymoon to Europe.  He first surprised me with a reservation at Babbo (reminiscence of Rome) and then macaroons, tea, and jam from Laduree (reminiscence of Paris).  I love New York.  I feel like every world-worthy thing can be found in this city. Yes, I’m turning into one […]

We got our park permits!

We got our park permits!

It’s official  – jigg and I are throwing our BBQ at Heckscher State Park!  Our permits finally came in the mail on Saturday. The reason why it took so long to reserve the space is that 1) the park doesn’t take reservations until March, 2) we weren’t sure whether the space could accommodate such a large […]

Mermaid Statue

Art and Women

Karen and I went to the MET about two weeks ago.  It was a much anticipated trip, for both of us enjoyed art immensely–or so I thought.  I know a bit about art history while Karen knows more about technique and movements.  You would think that it’s quite a good balance for discussions, but going […]

Hating on Boston

When I first started dating Karen, I told a really close friend of mine that I was dating a girl from Boston. Her reaction? “Shut up! You’re dating someone from Boston? I thought you hate everything Boston?”