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What gift should we get the bride and groom? CASH!

Wedding Guests Dos and Don’ts

Having aggregately attended over 80 weddings in the last 10 years, you can say that jigg and I know a thing or two about being good wedding guests. Below is our list…let us know if we missed anything! Dress Code (Ladies Only) Do NOT wear white or off-white . This includes ivory, cream, ecru or anything […]

Cash is king!

Cash is 100% of its Value

Thanks to Addy for letting me know that physical gifts are worth about 70% of its monetary value to the recipients. (Read: Wedding Gifts: Cash is King.) I wonder how my card recipient will feel about their other non-cash presents after reading this card. Here’re the links to the studies if you are curious: https://www.amherst.edu/media/view/104699/original/christmas.pdf http://www.francisflynn.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Money-cant-buy-love.pdf  

A $500 bowl that i don't know what to do with!

Wedding Gifts: Cash is King

Wedding season is in full swing again and one of the most common questions I hear guests asking is “What should I get the bride and groom?” First lesson in finance: cash is king. In the hierarchy of wedding gifting, I noticed that many gifters rank cash at the bottom of the sincerity and thoughtfulness […]

Dragon and Phoenix Bangles

Dragon and Phoenix Bangles

In accordance to Chinese traditions, a bride is supposed to receive a pair of 24k gold dragon and phoenix bangles, which symbolizes eternal love, as a gift from the parents, in-laws, and other close relatives on her wedding day. So in lieu of my wedding next year, my mom wanted to buy me a pair […]

Starvation: The best cost cutting method

I love going out to buy lunch since it’s the perfect excuse to leave my seat. Wondering what to eat for lunch also takes my mind off the job I hate. Only problem was, lunch around my job is probably the most expensive in the country. I spend between $10-15 on lunch for food that […]