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Happy 4th Birthday to Sharing Blankets!

I started Sharing Blankets approximately four years ago – initially as a blog and then eventually evolving into a web comic.  While transcribing my thoughts into words and publishing them online have never been an issue for me (I did meet my husband through a blog), I was, however, very apprehensive about posting my artwork […]


Juggling Between Football & Women

Now that football is on three times a week, jigg has to figure out a way to balance spending time with me and managing his Fantasy Football league and watching all the games.  Luckily for him, I grew up being a Patriots fan and football is the only sport I actually enjoy watching so I […]

A $500 bowl that i don't know what to do with!

Wedding Gifts: Cash is King

Wedding season is in full swing again and one of the most common questions I hear guests asking is “What should I get the bride and groom?” First lesson in finance: cash is king. In the hierarchy of wedding gifting, I noticed that many gifters rank cash at the bottom of the sincerity and thoughtfulness […]

Do you know parents who just won't shut up about their kid(s)? Yeah, I do too.

Life Lessons

Be careful asking people what’s going on in their lives. I try not to ask acquaintances what’s going on in their lives anymore.  The last time I did that, the person told me that she was recovering from chemotherapy, getting over her divorce, and hoping to find a job after being out of work for […]

265K & R 9.10.11 Web NWM

Takeaway from my wedding photography experience

We were looking for something “photojournalistic”. jigg and I told our photographer that we wanted our wedding photo album to have a “photojournalistic feel” to it – pictures that are unsuspecting and spontaneous, and shots that capture events in mid-action because we felt that those were the type of pictures that told the best stories. […]

He actually reminds of this regularly

What I learned from one year of marriage

jigg and I just celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend.  To commemorate this, I drew him a comic! We didn’t really do anything big because we’re throwing ourselves an awesome BBQ this coming Saturday. I was stressing myself over the little details while planning this reception at the beginning.  But in the past […]

I finally got my dress!

I don’t know why other women kept telling me otherwise, but shopping for my wedding dress was one stressful experience.  In the past couple of months, I must have looked at least a couple hundred dresses online and tried on 40 or so in stores, but each time I think I’ve found the “perfect” dress, something […]

The Guest List

As I plan this wedding, I realize that a huge part of the decision making process involves filtering people – either in or out. For example, the people you ask to be in your bridal party, invite as your guests, or follow-up with if they don’t RSVP in time…versus the people you don’t. Although not […]