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Philosophy on how to raise kids

Although jigg and I don’t plan on having children for a while, we have already began formulating our united strategy on how to raise our kids.  We’ve discussed everything from Western versus Eastern style of parenting (Read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom) to what the most advantageous month of the year is to give […]

We got our park permits!

We got our park permits!

It’s official  – jigg and I are throwing our BBQ at Heckscher State Park!  Our permits finally came in the mail on Saturday. The reason why it took so long to reserve the space is that 1) the park doesn’t take reservations until March, 2) we weren’t sure whether the space could accommodate such a large […]

I'm Engaged!

I’m Engaged!

I made reservations to take him out to his favorite steak house (Strip House) for his birthday last night. Little did I know, he called the restaurant ahead of time and requested a nice table in a secluded area. We were just chatting over drinks and waiting for our food to come when I noticed […]

Bitter Melon Season is Over!

Bitter Melon Season is Over!

As jigg’s parents will inevitably become my future in-laws, I have been trying to earn brownie points with them. During a dinner conversation that occurred during the second or third time I met jigg’s parents, I found an opportunity when jigg’s dad mentioned how many kids these days don’t appreciate bitter melon because their parents […]


As Karen gets ready to move here and probably spend the rest of her life with me, I can’t help but wonder about the insane sacrifice she is making. She is giving up her New England life to be with me, possibly spending the rest of her life in some suburb type neighborhood in Brooklyn. […]

Starvation: The best cost cutting method

I love going out to buy lunch since it’s the perfect excuse to leave my seat. Wondering what to eat for lunch also takes my mind off the job I hate. Only problem was, lunch around my job is probably the most expensive in the country. I spend between $10-15 on lunch for food that […]