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Remy’s First Birthday/Halloween Party: DIY High Chair Decorations 

This was another beginner project where a little effort gives you that”wow” result. Mini Banner Supplies: Cardstock, or heavier text stock preferred Scissors Hole puncher Twine or ribbon Adobe Acrobat Reader (you need this program for customizing the word in the banner) Printable: Editable Mini Banner: Download PDF Instructions: Type the name or word (one […]

Happy 4th Birthday to Sharing Blankets!

I started Sharing Blankets approximately four years ago – initially as a blog and then eventually evolving into a web comic.  While transcribing my thoughts into words and publishing them online have never been an issue for me (I did meet my husband through a blog), I was, however, very apprehensive about posting my artwork […]

Macaroons from Laduree. I think there was like two dozen in this box..I ended up eating macaroons for a week! #firstworldproblems

My birthday

To celebrate my birthday, jigg wanted to replicate our honeymoon to Europe.  He first surprised me with a reservation at Babbo (reminiscence of Rome) and then macaroons, tea, and jam from Laduree (reminiscence of Paris).  I love New York.  I feel like every world-worthy thing can be found in this city. Yes, I’m turning into one […]

pocket square

Happy Birthday jigg!

There must be something discomforting about the tens digit in your age changing on your 30th birthday.  Psychologically, it’s as if you’ve aged a decade on that day even though it’s pretty much the same as going from 28 to 29.  At least that’s how I think it’d feel, but it doesn’t seem to be […]

I'm Engaged!

I’m Engaged!

I made reservations to take him out to his favorite steak house (Strip House) for his birthday last night. Little did I know, he called the restaurant ahead of time and requested a nice table in a secluded area. We were just chatting over drinks and waiting for our food to come when I noticed […]