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Happy Birthday jigg!

There must be something discomforting about the tens digit in your age changing on your 30th birthday.  Psychologically, it’s as if you’ve aged a decade on that day even though it’s pretty much the same as going from 28 to 29.  At least that’s how I think it’d feel, but it doesn’t seem to be […]

I finally got my dress!

I don’t know why other women kept telling me otherwise, but shopping for my wedding dress was one stressful experience.  In the past couple of months, I must have looked at least a couple hundred dresses online and tried on 40 or so in stores, but each time I think I’ve found the “perfect” dress, something […]

We got our park permits!

We got our park permits!

It’s official  – jigg and I are throwing our BBQ at Heckscher State Park!  Our permits finally came in the mail on Saturday. The reason why it took so long to reserve the space is that 1) the park doesn’t take reservations until March, 2) we weren’t sure whether the space could accommodate such a large […]

Save the Date Polaroid Series

Save the Date Polaroid Series

jigg and I originally planned to send out our save the date cards using a series of Polaroids as the basis for our design.  Our guests would receive one of the five Polaroids below, each representing something from me and jigg’s relationship. We thought this would be an unique approach to traditional save the dates […]

The Guest List

As I plan this wedding, I realize that a huge part of the decision making process involves filtering people – either in or out. For example, the people you ask to be in your bridal party, invite as your guests, or follow-up with if they don’t RSVP in time…versus the people you don’t. Although not […]

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

jigg and I set the cap for our Christmas presents this year at $50.  Through my awesome ability to hunt for bargains, I managed to get TWO gifts within budget with change to spare.  I got jigg a pair of leather gloves, because he often has to carry groceries home in the cold and a […]

Am I Unsuportive or Just Protective?

jigg loves any sports and activities that challenges him to the physical extreme – snowboarding, football, boxing, etc. etc.   While I’m all for him staying active and not getting fat, I also worry about him engaging him in the more “dangerous” sports.  So every time he engages himself any of these sports, I’m clucking […]

The holey tshirt

The “Holey” Shirt

jigg has this old beaten up t-shirt that could easily mistaken for a rag: it has yellowed, acquired unidentifiable stains, and bore holes of various sizes all over.  Consequently, it has been dubbed the “holey” shirt. I have requested on multiple occasions to throw the shirt away but my husband adamantly refuses and claims that […]

Dragon and Phoenix Bangles

Dragon and Phoenix Bangles

In accordance to Chinese traditions, a bride is supposed to receive a pair of 24k gold dragon and phoenix bangles, which symbolizes eternal love, as a gift from the parents, in-laws, and other close relatives on her wedding day. So in lieu of my wedding next year, my mom wanted to buy me a pair […]

I'm Engaged!

I’m Engaged!

I made reservations to take him out to his favorite steak house (Strip House) for his birthday last night. Little did I know, he called the restaurant ahead of time and requested a nice table in a secluded area. We were just chatting over drinks and waiting for our food to come when I noticed […]