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Remy’s First Birthday/Halloween Party: DIY High Chair Decorations 

This was another beginner project where a little effort gives you that”wow” result. Mini Banner Supplies: Cardstock, or heavier text stock preferred Scissors Hole puncher Twine or ribbon Adobe Acrobat Reader (you need this program for customizing the word in the banner) Printable: Editable Mini Banner: Download PDF Instructions: Type the name or word (one […]

What gift should we get the bride and groom? CASH!

Wedding Guests Dos and Don’ts

Having aggregately attended over 80 weddings in the last 10 years, you can say that jigg and I know a thing or two about being good wedding guests. Below is our list…let us know if we missed anything! Dress Code (Ladies Only) Do NOT wear white or off-white . This includes ivory, cream, ecru or anything […]

Wedding Drinking Game

jigg and I created this game because we noticed many similarities across the maid of honor and best man speeches that we have heard at weddings. (Makes you wonder how many people use a speech template they found online!) It’s also a great ice breaker at your table if you get everyone to play.  Click here […]

Adding a dash of class in our boozy brunch with flowers and macaroons.

Boozy Bridal Shower

jigg is away this weekend, so I’ve been keeping myself busy by working on new projects and…fulfilling my bridesmaid duties – one of which is designing the bridal shower menu.  I’ve heard that designing a menu is an art in itself, but luckily I don’t have the pressure of trying sell anything with these menus. This […]

Giving Thanks Banner Materials

Giving Thanks – DIY Note Cards

This weekend’s project was creating thank you notes. Since I’m currently obsessed with all things banners, my thank you notes will also run with this theme. Materials Heart shape hole puncher (3/4″) 8.5″ x 11″ card stock (light color recommended) 5″ x 7″ flat white note card (fits A7 envelopes) Twine Glue Directions: On MS […]

I’m back!

Mrs. jigg has been asking me to blog again for the longest time. For some reason, my urge to blog has entirely dissipated and I suspect it has more to do with the fact that I used to do it out of habit and obligation than because I loved to write. I like writing, but […]

Happy 4th Birthday to Sharing Blankets!

I started Sharing Blankets approximately four years ago – initially as a blog and then eventually evolving into a web comic.  While transcribing my thoughts into words and publishing them online have never been an issue for me (I did meet my husband through a blog), I was, however, very apprehensive about posting my artwork […]

Happy Three Year Anniversary!

Happy Three Year Anniversary!

Gift giving gets harder and harder after each celebratory occasion either because you run out of ideas or your last gift was so awesome, it’s impossible to outdo. Luckily, this day has not yet come for me as I continue to pride myself in coming up with some awesome gift ideas (like this book I […]

A $500 bowl that i don't know what to do with!

Wedding Gifts: Cash is King

Wedding season is in full swing again and one of the most common questions I hear guests asking is “What should I get the bride and groom?” First lesson in finance: cash is king. In the hierarchy of wedding gifting, I noticed that many gifters rank cash at the bottom of the sincerity and thoughtfulness […]