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I’m back!

Mrs. jigg has been asking me to blog again for the longest time. For some reason, my urge to blog has entirely dissipated and I suspect it has more to do with the fact that I used to do it out of habit and obligation than because I loved to write. I like writing, but […]

Mermaid Statue

Art and Women

Karen and I went to the MET about two weeks ago.  It was a much anticipated trip, for both of us enjoyed art immensely–or so I thought.  I know a bit about art history while Karen knows more about technique and movements.  You would think that it’s quite a good balance for discussions, but going […]

Christmas lights on trees

Christmas in Boston

Christmas has always been one of those holidays that I didn’t celebrate unless I was in a relationship.  My parents always thought Christmas was a waste of money and on some years, they would get me and my sister presents.  Most of the time, my dad would just put up some Christmas lights on the […]


As Karen gets ready to move here and probably spend the rest of her life with me, I can’t help but wonder about the insane sacrifice she is making. She is giving up her New England life to be with me, possibly spending the rest of her life in some suburb type neighborhood in Brooklyn. […]

Arguments Galore

Like every couple, Karen l and I get into our share of arguments. Unlike other couples, we don’t fight about anything important. In fact, none of it has anything to do with our relationship. I remember one of the earliest showdowns we had concerned copyright laws. I’m all about rightful ownership and she is all […]

Starvation: The best cost cutting method

I love going out to buy lunch since it’s the perfect excuse to leave my seat. Wondering what to eat for lunch also takes my mind off the job I hate. Only problem was, lunch around my job is probably the most expensive in the country. I spend between $10-15 on lunch for food that […]

jigg Speaks Prada

Me? I shop at Gap…when there’s a sale going on – 75% off original price type of sale. Sometimes I feel so fashionably unsophisticated next to Brooklyn Boy. Not that he is prissy or anything, but he has developed an expensive palette for quality clothes. In some cases, that translates to silk ties and custom […]

Hating on Boston

When I first started dating Karen, I told a really close friend of mine that I was dating a girl from Boston. Her reaction? “Shut up! You’re dating someone from Boston? I thought you hate everything Boston?”

Cheating on Karen with Football

Football season just started and I have been thinking a lot about how to balance the time between it and Karen. Since we’re having a long distance relationship, much of “our” time is spent on the phone at night, usually between the hours of 10-12am. But what if a game runs over into that time […]