Sharing Blankets is a web comic about jigg, Mrs. jigg’s, and the trials and tribulations of their marriage. Based on real life events and conversations, we turn our most amusing conversations into our doodles – everything from our discussions on preparing for a zombie apocalypse to raising kids.

If you enjoy our work, please also feel free to browse our online store where you will find quirky greeting cards inspired by our characters.

About jigg:

Also known as “jigg from Xanga.”

He talks a lot and laughs at his own jokes. But in between his quirkiness and self-laudation of his own awesomeness, he finds time to be the best husband that a girl can ask for.

Please remember: It’s jigg with a lowercase “j”.

About Mrs. jigg:

Mrs. jigg, raised in the mean streets of Boston, found jigg on front pages of Xanga. After making the easiest decision in her life, to marry jigg, she now lives with him in the capital of the world, New York City.

During her free time, she enjoys listening to Muse and One Republic on repeat, while doodling on her laptop and recreating some funny moments in her life with her husband.

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If you would like to contact us, please email us at hello@sharingblankets.com or complete the form below.