Remy’s First Birthday/Halloween Party: DIY Banner

I have gotten a few inquiries about the decorations I made for Remy’s Halloween/Birthday party. I love DIY projects, so I’m providing the printables that I have created or used from other websites through a series of blog posts. Most of the supplies I used are common items that you may already have or be purchased at a quick trip to Michael’s (as if a trip there can ever be “quick”).

Here’s a look at how everything came together.


Electronic invitation to the party sets the theme for the event: it’s a birthday/Halloween costume party!

I didn’t use any “scary” decorations because I didn’t know how the kiddies would react. I opted to use black and various shades of orange to set the Halloween tone.

The dessert table.

Let’s start with banners!


  • Cardstock or a heavier text stock preferred.
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • String or ribbon
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for editable banner only)



  • Editable banner only: Type in your message (one letter per banner) where the “#” is.
  • Print and cut along the solid lines.
  • Punch holes on the top two corners.
  • String the banners together.

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