Remy’s First Birthday/Halloween Party: DIY High Chair Decorations 

This was another beginner project where a little effort gives you that”wow” result.

The finished banner and tassels taped on Remy’s high chair. The tassels were very popular with the babies; they all wanted to rip them off!

The work in progress.

Mini Banner Supplies:

  • Cardstock, or heavier text stock preferred
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (you need this program for customizing the word in the banner)



  • Type the name or word (one letter per banner) where the “#” is.
  • Print and cut along the solid slides. Pro tip: If you want to decrease the size of the banners to accommodate a longer name or word, check your printer settings for the option to scale at X% of 100%. I recommend decreasing to 95% to start.  You don’t want the banner to come out TOO small.
  • Punch holes on the top corners and string together with twine or ribbon.


I followed the instructions found here.


  • As you are cutting the tissue paper, don’t worry too much if your cutting isn’t perfect. The imperfections don’t show through much in the final product.
  • I didn’t have a hot glue gun so I used regular Elmer glue. I just held the parts where I needed glued together longer. 

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