Wedding Drinking Game

jigg and I created this game because we noticed many similarities across the maid of honor and best man speeches that we have heard at weddings. (Makes you wonder how many people use a speech template they found online!) It’s also a great ice breaker at your table if you get everyone to play.  Click here for the printable version.

Maid of Honor Speech
Drink each time she:

  • Uses any form of the following adjective to describe the bride:
    (+1) compassionate
    (+1) kind
    (+1) lucky
    (+1) nice
    (+1) loving
  • (+1) Tells a story about how she and the bride met
  • (+3) Cries during her speech
  • (+1 for every minute) Goes over five minutes

Best Man Speech
Drink each time he:

  • (+1) Slurs his words
  • (+1) Curses during his speech
  • (+2) Tells more than one story of the groom
  • (+3) Embarrasses the bride
  • (+1 for every minute) Goes over five minutes

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