Happy Three Year Anniversary!

Gift giving gets harder and harder after each celebratory occasion either because you run out of ideas or your last gift was so awesome, it’s impossible to outdo. Luckily, this day has not yet come for me as I continue to pride myself in coming up with some awesome gift ideas (like this book I made for jigg’s birthday), the latest one being the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch that I got him for our third year wedding anniversary.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch: Although it’s not a Patek or Lang, it is the first watch to be worn on the moon and one of the few to be certified for spaceflight by NASA. If shit ever hits the fan and we need to escape planet earth, not knowing the time would not be on the list of jigg’s problems.

I’ve been meaning to buy jigg a watch for a while because he has never owned one. Ever since he told me that many of his guy friends got watches as graduation presents, I didn’t want him to be left out.  But I didn’t want to get him just any watch either, I wanted to get him something respectable, something that a watch aficionado would commend, or at the very least, not scoff at. After my research, I’m in total awe of how luxury watches are made – everything from the history, craftsmanship, movement, etc.  I am thoroughly convinced that owning a respectable watch is a rite of passage of becoming a gentleman, along with drinking scotch and wearing pocket squares…which coincidentally sounds a lot like what jigg does on a regular basis.

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