Happy 4th Birthday to Sharing Blankets!

I started Sharing Blankets approximately four years ago – initially as a blog and then eventually evolving into a web comic.  While transcribing my thoughts into words and publishing them online have never been an issue for me (I did meet my husband through a blog), I was, however, very apprehensive about posting my artwork up. It had a lot to do with my lack of confidence and fear of judgment from other people.  How can my characters, who are drawn with just a tad more complexity than a five year old’s rendition of a stick figure, compare with the works of professional graphic artists out there? Would outsiders find the conversations between me and jigg funny, or am I just partial to our humor? The world wide web is filled with trolls hiding behind anonymity ready to tear apart my work…without me even asking for their feedback.

With lots encouragement from jigg, I posted a few of my early works on Facebook. The early responses from our friends were very supportive, so I kept going. One particular incident stood out, which was when my friend privately messaged me and suggested that I post more often.  He then linked me to a blog article about the merits of quantity over quality. In summary, focusing on actually creating the work rather than theorizing on how to perfect it, forces one to work and then work some more. During that process, you build experience, learn from your mistakes, and further refine your work. That was one of the most helpful advice that I’ve come across. It has taught me that it’s ok if things are not perfect on the first, second, third…tenth…one hundredth try. So long as I put forth the best work I possibly can at the time, I’m heading in the right direction.  And here I am today, still practicing and trucking away.

Looking at my earlier comics is like watching the first season of The Simpsons…everything looks so rudimentary. Everything from my what-now-looks-sloppy-but-awesome-back-then doodles and multiple identity crisis that I put my website through…they’re documentations of how far I’ve progressed. If I look back five or ten years from now, I hope to see an even more drastic progress. The 10,000 hour rule states that one has to do something for 10,000 hours on average to be great at it. I think I’m only touching the tip of that iceberg.

Thank you all for your love and support thus far!

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