Dealing with jigg’s obsessive personality

jigg has a problem with doing things in moderation when it comes to things he likes. Once he gets into something, it’s next to impossible to pull him away. I understand that everyone has hobbies and things he/she likes to do, but jigg just takes something as innocent as reading a book or eating an orange to resemble a drug addition. Below are examples of some of his past/current obsessions.

Book series: It’s not like I don’t want jigg to read, I just don’t appreciate him reading every waking moment of the day that a book being the third person in our relationship. I’d find him with the book on the train, after dinner, in the bathroom, before he goes to bed, when he wakes up in the morning, and any other time he isn’t sleeping, working, or eating. The worst part is that all the books he likes happen to be 10+ part series.

Oranges: We bought a box of four dozen oranges over Chinese New Year. jigg managed to finish the box by himself in one week and got himself an ulcer. The same can be said about watermelons, soy sauce, and ketchup, but these things haven’t given him an ulcer yet.

Juicy by Notorious BIG: jigg would start rapping this song out of nowhere ALL the time – in the shower, on the train, on the streets, while brushing his teeth, etc. etc. I hear this song so often, even I know the opening lyrics to it.

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