Save the Date Polaroid Series

jigg and I originally planned to send out our save the date cards using a series of Polaroids as the basis for our design.  Our guests would receive one of the five Polaroids below, each representing something from me and jigg’s relationship.

We thought this would be an unique approach to traditional save the dates and would fit into the general “feel” of our wedding reception well (we’re actually calling it our first anniversary celebration) –  fun, casual, and quirky.

The Polaroids were pretty easy to create on Photoshop.  The doodles I did myself on my pen tablet.  Although I was very confident that I could produce them at a very low cost (~$100 for 200 pieces), we had no way of bringing down our postage expense.

We ended up scrapping the idea and decided to send electronic versions instead.  Bummer, I know.  But now I’m looking forward to invitations!

We met on Xanga. +2 eProps!

jigg's wedding band is The One Ring.

Make way for me!

Fenway is enemy territory.

Save the date Polaroid. We actually never walked the Brooklyn Bridge...

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  1. Sam May 31, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    This is really cute guys. Didn’t know ya’ll had this but it’s pretty awesome you do. See ya’ll in Sept. or probably sooner actually.

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