The “Holey” Shirt

jigg has this old beaten up t-shirt that could easily mistaken for a rag: it has yellowed, acquired unidentifiable stains, and bore holes of various sizes all over.  Consequently, it has been dubbed the “holey” shirt.

The Holey Shirt

I have requested on multiple occasions to throw the shirt away but my husband adamantly refuses and claims that the shirt has too much sentimental value.

The last person who remotely tried to throw away the holey shirt was his mother [who did actually mistaken it for a rag].  She used it to wipe the floor and tossed it out after she was done.  When jigg found out, he gave her the silent treatment for three days after saving the shirt from the trash.

After hearing this story, I have come to terms with this shirt remaining in his closet. I, however, do not understand his need to wear it…which he does occasionally.  Doesn’t that kind of goes against the whole purpose of preserving it?

I noticed that many guys love wearing old, worn-out t-shirts (also to the dismay of their significant others).  I wonder what is it about holes, stains, coloring, and rips that make the shirt so attractive?


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