I’m Engaged!

I made reservations to take him out to his favorite steak house (Strip House) for his birthday last night. Little did I know, he called the restaurant ahead of time and requested a nice table in a secluded area. We were just chatting over drinks and waiting for our food to come when I noticed this smirk on his face. I asked him what he was laughing about and he said he has a question to ask me. My guard was entirely down so I didn’t expect a thing. It was the one day out of the entire year when I thought it’d be all about him (his birthday) and he used it to his advantage.

My Engagement Ring

He put the ring on the table and asked me to marry him. My first response was, “oh my God! You’re kidding?!”

He laughed.

“Of course I’d marry you!” I exclaimed. “Hurry, put the ring on my finger!!!!”

Our waiter then gave us complimentary champaign and for the remainder of the night, I had this huge smile frozen on my face. I think I smiled so much, my face hurt. I couldn’t contain my excitement over dinner, so I called my mom, best friends, and then pulsed it on Xanga.

We then went to his birthday party after dinner where all our friends were there to congratulate us. It felt wonderful to share such a happy moment with so many people.

I still cannot believe I will be the future Mrs. jigg! Besides, I can’t say no to a guy on his birthday.

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