Christmas in Boston

Christmas has always been one of those holidays that I didn’t celebrate unless I was in a relationship.  My parents always thought Christmas was a waste of money and on some years, they would get me and my sister presents.  Most of the time, my dad would just put up some Christmas lights on the windows to give the neighbors an illusion that we had the Christmas spirit just like everyone else.

I decided that it would be a great idea to spend Christmas in Boston.  Why was it so great?  Well, I thought it would be nice to see how Christmas was in another city.  I wrapped BostonGirl’s gift and then put in a cardboard box.  I was pretty excited to see the look on her face when she opened it.

BostonGirl lived quite a bit away from the bus station.  On the way to her place, I noticed that I did not see even ONE house that had Christmas decorations.  In fact, during the entire time there, we only saw a handful of houses that out Christmas lights on the windows.  It was a drastic difference to New York because there were always lights everywhere.  My neighbors near my parent’s place have entire houses and lawns all lit up–as if there was some kind of competition to see who had the brighter house.

Ice sculpture outside of Golden Temple Restaurant, Boston

Christmas lights on trees; Fanueil Hall, Boston.

I wasn’t going to allow the lack of Christmas spirit in Boston damper our mood.  Even though I secretly knew what BostonGirl got me, I wasn’t entirely sure.  BostonGirl woke up early on Christmas day to open her up gift.  Her excitement really made Christmas special and I can see how I would spend my future Christmases.  At that precise moment, I knew that Christmas would be a special day and I would share it with my children.

After BostonGirl ripped open her gift, I saw the biggest smile on her face.  I knew that even though the gift was really cheesy, BostonGirl was all about being cheesy.  I opened my gift and it was something I had always wanted–a personal valet box to put all my accessories.  It looks something like this:

Valet Box

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