Arguments Galore

Like every couple, Karen l and I get into our share of arguments. Unlike other couples, we don’t fight about anything important. In fact, none of it has anything to do with our relationship.

I remember one of the earliest showdowns we had concerned copyright laws. I’m all about rightful ownership and she is all about FREE distribution of information and art. I realized early on that not only would I have to accept that she was from Boston, but she was also a socialist/communist. Ellsworth Tooey would be proud of Karen.

The other day, I had to raise my voice at her. She decided to pull a sneak attack on me, resuming the battle we have been having for two days. She just could not accept the fact that even though historically Sunday was the first day of the week, Monday has since taken over in modern times. Sure, the calendar still has Sunday in front, but Sunday is part of the “weekend” and a new week starts on Monday. And we all know that if it was Sunday and I said I was moving next week, on Saturday, I would be refering to a time 6 days later and not 13.

There was no end in sight and I decided that it was pointless. I decided to surrender and agree with her, on the condition that we would phrase it accordingly. If it was Sunday and I said next week Saturday, it meant the Saturday after the one coming up. Yes, this would make thing harder and more confusing, but there was no other way to end it. She then asks me if I was doing it out of spite. The nerve! I was willing to sacrifice logic and convenience to settle an argument and she thought I had ulterior intentions.

I guess for someone who feels like all problems can be worked out, we have to substitute the time most couples use to fight and duke out our own battles. I already win the argument about New York being better than Boston. I guess Karen needs to find other things to beat me in.


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  1. Mrs. jigg November 2, 2009 at 5:14 pm #

    I am not a communisit!!! >=\


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