jigg Speaks Prada

I shop at Gap…when there’s a sale going on – 75% off original price.

Sometimes I feel so fashionably unsophisticated next to jigg. Not that he is prissy or anything, but he has developed an expensive palette for quality clothes. In some cases, that translates to silk ties and custom tailored dress shirts. (I swear that his LV ties could quite possibly cost more than my entire closet…combined.)

After being around guys whose idea of dressing up is putting on a polo and a pair of khakis most of my life, I never would have imagined feeling under-groomed and underdressed next to a guy. But when jigg suits up on our dates, I find myself asking him for fashion advice.

I mean…the guy speaks Prada. I wasn’t there when this happened but according to eye witness accounts,jigg was able to identify that Elle Woods was wearing Prada shoes in Legally Blonde before the cabana guy said “Don’t stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey.” After which Elle was able to deduce that he is gay because he could identify her brand of shoes.

Anyway, I find myself asking “Would jigg approve” when I look at my outfit in the mirror these days.

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