Hating on Boston

When I first started dating Karen, I told a really close friend of mine that I was dating a girl from Boston. Her reaction? “Shut up! You’re dating someone from Boston? I thought you hate everything Boston?” This friend of mine was partially right. Being a Yankees fan, I hate the Red Sox and because of that, has led me to hate pretty much everything Boston. As I have always said, the only two good things that has ever came out of Boston were New England Clam Chowder and Aerosmith.

I have a natural tendency to make fun of Boston every possible opportunity I have. Every time Karen compliments New York, I’ll say something like, “yeah, it’s not like that in Boston.” Everytime we talk about something good about Boston, I’ll throw in, “It’s better in New York.” This obnoxious, douche bag behavior cracks me up and Karen has built up quite the tolerance for it.

Karen recently confided in me that she hopes that taking me around will change my impression of Boston, the place I nicknamed, “mediocre capital of the world!” A place where everything is just mediocre–the food, the beauty, the beer, etc.

I’m obviously biased since I love New York and pretty much everything about it. The exception would be Manhattan Clam Chowder, which was probably created by a Bostonian to try and tarnish the great name of Manhattan. However, I feel that I am very open-minded to see and experience new things of Boston. Cracking on Boston is something I just do to annoy her, but it’s just for fun. In complete honesty, it’s not really that bad. It’s just mediocre.

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