Mom: Physiognomist, Fortune Teller, and Astrologist Extraordinaire

Prior to meeting jigg, my mother thought she could form a fairly accurate depiction of my boyfriend by just looking at his picture. Along with a few additional questions concerning his diet, hobbies, and astrology sign, Boston Mom was convinced she knew jigg better than me.

When I showed her jigg’s Facebook profile picture, she concluded he was quite handsome with a broad forehead, large eyes, nicely curved lips, strong jaw line, and good sized ears – all good qualities that positively told something about his temperament, wealth, generosity, etc.

She then asked if he eats vegetables. (Yes.) This is important because according to some “scientific” article, people who don’t eat vegetables have violent temper due a lack of some nutrient or other.

Her next set of questions concerned his interests and hobbies. When I began listing the various sports he plays, she became very alarmed with the fact that he boxes. Apparently boxers are violent people and warned me that I shouldn’t piss him off else he would knock me out one day.

Next she took our birthdays and zodiac signs into account and concluded jigg and I are a great match.

Not that I believed in any of this hocus pocus, but maybe there is hope in astrology after all.

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